Pato O’Ward’s Race Cars are Here!

The first airdrop for every Pato Armor Holder is here and followed by the second one! As promised, we’ve delivered the 100 OnCyber Pato Man


It’s official, the first war between the Rude Golems and the Rude Demons has just begun! What is this WAR? The Rude Family (Golems and

Pato O’Ward’s Metaverse is here!

Thank you all so very much for your patience here, it’s been ‘a lot of firsts’ for the team creating this type of project, but

$BOTC Rewards! Round 1! LFG!!! 

Rebellion, As you know, your 3D Rebellion Bots can earn you $BOTC (BotCoin) by staking them in our platform. We are now ready to tell

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