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Rude Golems:
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Let’s go!

Rude Golems: To the moon in 11 minutes

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Creadore is an NFTs studio focused on education, facilitation, use and creation of the Web3 world in the simplest way for everyone who wants to learn and/or participate!

Our main goal is to teach about NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, all in a simple and easy to understand way. At the same time, Creadore is in charge of creating NFTs and digital/virtual worlds for brands and individuals.

Launch of our first collection: Rude Golems


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Discord Creadore

Working on so many collections and with so many communities, we want to make sure that we can maintain the highest standard of quality in the attention to our holders and communities.

Therefore, we have decided to create a Creadore Discord so that the holders of all our projects/ecosystems have a fun place to chat with people who have the same interests as them; and also to discover and join other collections adding value to each other for the growth of each project.

The Creadore metaverse!

This is a very ambitious project, but after having tried to buy several products (metaverses and videogames) in development and/or finished, we realized that the best way to satisfy all the needs of our holders would be to create the solution; since there was nothing that met our standards and vision. This is mainly because our job is to facilitate the usability of the metaverse for our holders and customers.

We have a specific direction for the introduction and growth of our Metaverse, which is unlike anything else we have seen. Therefore, our metaverse will have its own roadmap and website.

The good news for our holders is that all our unique holders will get at least 1 metaverse within the Creadore metaverse for FREE!

Patricio O'Ward's NFT Development and Delivery

Having top tier friends is always a good thing! Patricio O'Ward, Arrow SP's sensation driver in the IndyCar category, commissioned Creadore to make a very special launch in our metaverse. The driver from Monterrey will be offering 75 limited pieces of his new release. These pieces will include: 1 mini helmet autographed by him, 1 metaverse with its own utility inside Creadore's metaverse, a NFT that you can use in your Rude Demons, discounts and more! This NFT will have its own website and roadmap, to be announced soon!

Clothing brand for the metaverse

Creadore also has access to the production of several top quality products in real life. We are sure that many of these traditional businesses will have a space in the metaverse soon; therefore Creadore has created a metaverse clothing sub-division called "S7". S7 will have a store in the Creadore metaverse and will play an important role in future collaborations between Creadore and other brands/talents. Our first drop is ready! The highest quality for our most demanding collectors! CREADORE FOUNDERS EDITION is not only the first drop of our high-quality clothing line, but also the first time your clothes and the metaverse meet! More info on the S7 website in May!

Launch of other metaverses!

At Creadore, we believe that the future of the metaverse is not unique. We will see many metaverses grow in different ways. So we've collaborated with an established metaverse brand in another chain and we've got it ready! This first metaverse will be a free gift and integrated into the first drop of clothing by Creadore via S7 for those holders who purchase it.

Creadore Token

Creating an ecosystem for all our collections will allow us to offer different utilities and benefits. When the ecosystem reaches a certain development metric, Creadore will open the door to its own token.

Technology development in space

Creadore seeks to establish itself as a Web3 technology bridge. Hand in hand with the Rude Golems team, we will create new applications and utilities to enhance the ecosystem. Several of these technologies are in the process of being created by Rude Technologies.

Expanding the web3 world through mass actions.


Mazatlan Carnival, Mexico

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We have decided to elevate our real-life experience by separating our events into two tiers:

Events for the whole community

Where we can get as many holders together as possible and do spectacular things like bringing the biggest NFT ever seen in the world and put it in front of 1 million eyes!

VIP Events

As the founders of Creadore, we have a great opportunity to bring holders to VIP events
with us.
These events require an expense, but the experience is rockstar. An example would be renting a suite to go see the Lakers.

Metaverse 101

What is an NFT

How to buy an NFT

The objective of creating an NFT

What are NFT games?

What will METAVERSOS, NFTs and PlayToEarn look like in 2022?

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