MEGABOTS – The Premium Collection is here!

What are MEGABOTS and why do I need one!?

  • This will be the most premium collection within the Rebellion
  • Maximum supply is capped at 156 MegaBots total.
  • The MegaBots art is something very different from what people expect. This will be our premium PFP.

How do I get a MEGABOT?

When can I get my MEGABOT!?

  • The process starts RIGHT NOW *August 16th*

Is this for ALL MEGABOTS?

  • NO, this is ONLY for “Specific Trait Bots”. (not 5 different-trait-bots, those will go second)

When does the process to burn Bots in exchange for a MEGABOT Starts?!

  • The Process starts now for those who want a Specific-Trait-MEGABOT (made up by 5 of the same eligible traits within the 2D Bots).

What are the traits that qualify for these MEGABOTS:

  • Laser Eyes
  • Portal Gun
  • OG’s
  • Same premium skin: (Gold, Rainbow, Mondrian, Bronze).

What do I need to do to get a MEGABOT? I already have my 5 Bots ready!

  1. Send us your 2D Bots to this wallet: 4shCSiec86iqpRXSTytQEz8Eq2TXkYWTYLj4yfsT6w7a
  2. Send us an email to this address: [email protected]
    a) Discord Username: i.e. Salomondrin9199
    b) How many Bots you sent, and for what trait you are going for?: i.e. 5 bots = gold skin
    c) Your Wallet # (use the same one you sent your bots from, we’ll use it to confirm this).
  3. IF YOU WANT A CUSTOM MEGABOT (we’ll add up to 2 non-existent traits that you would like to see on your Megabot) then please add: 10 SOL and the 2 new trait request too.

What do you mean custom MEGABOTS?!

  • These will be custom made by our artist in order to guarantee our holders get the perfect PFP! That EXTRA Sauce.
  • They will belong to the same collection as other MEGABOTS and these traits won’t be given to anyone else. However if the same request comes twice for a trait, we can’t refuse, so be creative!
  • The holder will be able to select up to 2 traits (skin color, joint in mouth, cloud of smoke, etc…) to be added to their MEGABOT.

Will “random MEGABOT” holders get to do a custom MEGABOT?

  • No, this is exclusive for those who got the same trait bots for the extra effort and money they spent.
  • HOWEVER, we’ll be raffling 2 entries for MEGABOT HOLDERS that DO NOT LIST “their MegaBot Preview”, so they can also win a custom MEGABOT.


The deadline for the CUSTOM BOTS is Sunday, August 21st 2022 at midnight EST.


We’ll stop developing for them, but will continue to consider the holders part of our entire collection as if they held a 3D Bot. The decision is all yours!


After we are done collecting all Bots, and going through the list of everything needed, we’ll airdrop you your MEGABOT IN DEVELOPMENT. Good luck!

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