It’s official, the first war between the Rude Golems and the Rude Demons has just begun!

What is this WAR?

The Rude Family (Golems and Demons) have developed a new fun way to stake your NFTs in their own platform.

These staking “periods” are called “WARS” and they totally depend on dynamic assistance by the holders! That means, the more Golems or Demons attend, the more chance they have at winning this war!

What do we get if our side wins the War?!

$RUDE ! That’s right, the native token for both projects is the prize!

What can I use my $RUDE for?

This a utility token, so it’ll have plenty of giving! The first thing that’s coming your way is BUTTERFLIES! So make sure to stack as much $RUDE as you can! Those BUTTERFLIES do some crazy stuff!

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