Pato O’Ward’s Race Cars are Here!

The first airdrop for every Pato Armor Holder is here and followed by the second one!

As promised, we’ve delivered the 100 OnCyber Pato Man Cavo Pods for our 100 holders!

This is one of the coolest Metaverse Pod’s I’ve ever seen! While racing-themed, it still very much oriented towards entertainment and gatherings with your friends or business associates.

The next day after the OnCyber Airdrop, we also doubled down on the drops and airdropped all holders 2 race cars (one of each) for the Metaverse!

So, What’s Next!?

Next week, we’ll update all holders about their shipment of their autographed mini-helmets! And after that there are many other surprises coming!

When will I be able to merge Pato’s Armor with my Demon?

I know there are a lot of holders waiting to be able to fuse their Armor with their favorite Demon!

The good news is that I just got sent an on chain video of this happening! We’ll keep you updated within the next couple of days!

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