What is our ‘Metaverse Portal’?

In the latest Rebellion development push we have added:

– Metaverse Portal:

a) With this utility you can ‘add more NFTs to your NFT’.

b) Commonly known as an ENTANGLER throughout Web3.

c) Lets us add alternate versions of your NFT art to your original NFT. Always keeping the original and only changing the secondary version.

d) The example we have live is Rebellion 3D with its «exact copy in TOON version».

Rebellion Bot (3D Original Art)

Same Robot, but his “Toon version” after using our Portal.

You just have to connect your wallet and existing alternative versions will appear automatically!

All you have to do is click the button below the image and that’s it!


– We can always improve and add traits (traits).

– We can bring different artists to do different versions.

– We will be able to give our users the ability to upload ‘uniques’ (one offs) of their NFT.

– Sub-Communities like the Jelly Skelly, the Laser Gang, Iced Masked, etc… will be able to create their unique traits and offer them to their communities or to everyone outside.

Take your NFT’s to the next level with our PIMP MY NFT APP!

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